The Starman* is not a tarot card, but it should be.


My plan had been to post about the Two of Swords, but in light of today’s tragic news, I feel it inappropriate.

Recently, a story went around our cartomancy community about a tarot master who did a reading after listening to 26 of David Bowie’s studio albums (the 27th only came out three days ago) and something truly shocking happened. Her spread included The Magician, who came to life and turned the Ace of Wands into a microphone. The Seven of Coins became seven balls of crystal, which rolled around in The Magician’s other hand and became one ball, which then turned into a peach. The rest of the deck rose up and configured itself into the form of a martian spacecraft. When the cargo bay door opened, spiders rushed out, as much a proof of life on the red planet as any. The Knight of Cups and the woman from The Star card fought the spiders from Mars together, thus making themselves heroes for one day. They took the ship and flew out the tarot master’s window. The spaceship knew which way to go.

The tarot master ate the peach and forgot everything for the rest of the evening. She regained awareness while standing on the platform of the train station at Suffragette City. How she got there in the first place remains a mystery, for she could not afford a ticket.

Others in the tarot community believe that this story is a load of balderdash, that one of the tarot master’s flatmates must have built a spacecraft-shaped house of cards for her benefit and laced her peach with something she did not intend on taking. They also insist that there is no train station at Suffragette City, only exclusive heliports. I, for one, believe her account of it.

This past autumn, illustrator Jessica DeFelice successfully kickstarted a Bowie-themed tarot deck. The decks have been apparently ready to ship since January 3rd. You can read about it here.


*This post was originally titled The Thin White Duke but I have since been told that David Bowie hated the character who bore that name. My apologies.