You will die betrayed and alone.


Placement: The Minor Arcana


A blindfolded woman sits on the beach, arms crossed, a sword in each hand. It is night time. There is a crescent moon. There are some large rocks or small islands in the water.

In older decks the illustration is of two swords, no woman and no beach.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, there are some in S.A.U.C.E. who believe that any visual symbolism on the Minor Arcana cards, besides the number and the suit, should not be considered canon. This misguided faction is currently being led by Tina and Ray Moretti, who I am fairly certain are aware of how wrong they are and yet insist on corrupting our junior members. I am not privy to any steps that the current leaders of our organization will take to stop these troublemakers, but no doubt they will handle it swiftly. Do not deprive us of our blindfolded and armed beach women, Mrs. and Mr. Moretti! If images of people on the numbered Minor Arcana cards are a recent addition, what of it? We will not be swayed by your false simplicity!


Right side up:

This card featuring someone with sharp weapons who cannot see is, to many card readers, about loyalty. Although many insist that this is the correct interpretation, those of us who know better understand that it is about a traitor. Either you are about to betray your people (we’re all looking at you, Morettis) or someone is about to betray you, or maybe both.

Sometimes it can indicate physical separation of loved ones, also probably due to treachery.

Two cards usually indicate the theme of balancing dualities, and nothing fits that theme as much as one faction trusting another faction. Without the initial mistake of trust, there can be no traitors.

The rocks behind the blindfolded woman are also sharp, and likely to sink any passing ship. She cannot help you or anyone in the water because she cannot see and because the only tools she has are not the type one should use to pull a drowning person to safety, unless the ultimate aim is to make their hands bleed and draw in sharks. The woman on the card cannot aim, however, because she is wearing a blindfold.


Upside down:

A truce. You have met your match and the only way out of your predicament is to “say uncle.” This may be your undoing. Never say uncle to anyone but the masculine-identified siblings or siblings-in-law of your parents.


Classic Two of Swords deaths:

  • Shipwreck
  • Scratching an itch on your neck with the sword that you forgot was in your hand.
  • Tripping over a long skirt because you cannot see it bunching up in the way and then having your nose and mouth filled with wet sand, which you cannot clean out because if you put down your swords, your situation would no longer resemble anything about the two of swords and would therefore not belong on this list.

Added June 13, 2016