You will die miserable despite whatever wealth you might have accumulated.


Seven of Coins


Placement: The Minor Arcana


Description: A man gazes disappointedly at his vines or bush or small tree, which has coins growing on them, each with a pentagram symbol. The sky is often depicted as grey. In the featured illustration for this post, almost none of these things are true.

We at S.A.U.C.E. have a countdown calendar to midnight of January 1st, 2022 when the fully-symbolled version of the Major and Minor Arcanas, underground for a thousand years but finally published in 1910 with Pamela “Pixie” Colman Smith’s theatrically majestic illustrations, publisher Rider’s money, and Arthur Edward Waite’s occasional suggestions, will finally be in the public domain worldwide. For the occasion, S.A.U.C.E. treasurer Sorina Jones made a note to add fireworks to the budget for our 2021 AGM. Jones makes a habit of preparing for the future, something the rest of us ought to do more often, what with our vast knowledge of tarot.

When Julen Ibarra heard Ms. Jones’ plan, he said, “That’s bat guano screwy, no offence to Sorina. Our fortress of S.A.U.C.E.itude is not to be brung to light. Is this an interview? You know I don’t do interviews, man.”

Mr. Ibarra’s objections, at least on the topic of locally-launched fireworks, are justified. The whereabouts of our headquarters must remain undisclosed, perhaps especially to the residents our fair city. I promise my fellow taroists that I will never reveal our international meeting place.

Ms. Jones responded to Mr. Ibarra, “Screwy? You think we’d set them off over our own building? That’s a fire hazard, Julen. Obviously, we’ll drive to ______.”

Wise S.A.U.C.E. elder Michel Nolastname added, “Burning great stairs will jump the sky, testing Norman!”

I look forward to someday meeting this Norman of whom he spoke.

Rest assured that there will be no clues to our location on this blog. Ever. Do not keep an eye out for those.


Right side up:

Money apparently grows on trees for you, but it does not buy happiness. Get your priorities in order regarding your investments. Pentacles are a seasonal crop and you do not want them to wilt before you have an opportunity to bring them to market. Also, you are well aware that some customers will refuse to buy your pentacles because they believe that the devil uses such imagery to tempt mortals. Perhaps you should grow apples instead.

As sevens are the middle card in each suit, they represent the middle of your story. The path ahead will be full of friction and hopefully a climactic and satisfying end. To return to the plant metaphor, protect your bush.


Upside down:

Pentacles are inedible, and your garden has nothing else to offer. Why did you even grow these?


Classic Seven of Coins deaths:

  • Anaphylactic shock from a fruit allergy no one knew you had.
  • Ennui after winning the lottery, which you only won because over the course of your lifetime you spent millions playing the lottery.

Added June 15, 2016