You will be reborn from the ashes only to experience a second death when the ash coats your lungs.

Five of Chickens

Placement: The Negligible Arcana



On the Five of Chickens card (not featured above, to protect my sources) four chicks in a nest circle around a phoenix chicken, with its fiery plumage. The phoenix chicken has a pattern the shape of a human skull emblazoned proudly on its breast. It wears a golden collar, a golden bracelet on each of each of its wings, and an anklet on each leg.


Right side up:

Fives in tarot indicate a blip that disrupts the balance and that must be overcome to achieve both physical and mental balance. In this case, death is that blip. You may return from the ordeal only if the ambulance finds you in time and if you believe, with great determination, in your survival. I regret to say that belief will be all but impossible after the events you have witnessed or will witness soon.

To some misguided taroists, this card represents the fire of the human spirit under adversity, but clearly this is not the case. Phoenix chickens are not human.


Upside down:

Following your demise, you will bring along with you anyone who feels bound to your case, including your family, the police, those who conspire against you, the conspiracy theorists who search through the smoke only to uncover too much about your fate, and also the scientists as they endeavor to explain how such an unspeakable demise could happen in the first place. All of these unfortunates will, to continue with the fire imagery, burn. For each one who does, more will come to solve their deaths. Those people too will inexplicably perish and so on and so forth. Your personal doom creates a circular ripple in the form of a puzzle that could last for decades. On perhaps the only upside to Five of Chickens reversed, you will alter the course of history. Who on this Earth does not wish to make a difference?


Classic Five of Chickens deaths:

  • “Taken care of” by secretly powerful people controlled by other powerful people, who are in turn controlled by other powerful people. Beware of strangers, and friends who are not what they appear to be.
  • Cursed by a chain letter
  • You will be patient zero in the upcoming pandemic. The survivors, if any, may make significant medical advances for the benefit of all humankind. Then again, they may not.