Though I and probably each one of us at S.A.U.C.E. have already done private tarot readings as part of our search, we came together early this morning to conduct a reading together as a community. Alone, we each only found opaque, at best cloudy, hints of his whereabouts.

Elsie Cabret flew in from Vancouver Island, breaking her long sabbatical leave to help us in this trying time. She had the honour of dealing out a celtic cross spread of ten cards on the question,  “Where is Michel Nolastname?”

These were the cards in the spread:

  • The first card, representing the querent: (in this case Michel Nolastname’s friends) Six of Cups
  • The second, the subject of the question: (Michel Nolastname’s position) The Fool
  • The third, the purpose of the question: (to find him) Eight of Wands
  • The fourth, regarding something applicable from the distant past: Six of Chickens reversed
  • The fifth, the querent’s strengths and potentially the recent past: The Sun reversed
  • The sixth, the near future as it applies to the question: Ten of Swords
  • The seventh, our attitude or how we should approach the problem: Knight of Cups
  • The eighth, external matters that will influence the outcome: Four of Wands
  • The ninth, our deepest hopes and fears on the topic: The Hanged Man
  • The tenth, the outcome: Cake reversed

Rest assured, faithful readers, that I will provide explanations for each of those cards, in time.

Julen Ibarra said “Don’t wig out on me, eh. Some of those cards are frightening as all hell, especially that Ten of Swords.”

Frightening? Mr. Ibarra understates enormously.

He continued, “Everyone can see that. We also know that all it’s up to interpretation. Panic’s not gonna bring Michel home any faster, and we will find him.”

We were silent for a moment, both to calm one another and because we (or at least I) were (was) at a loss.

Ms. Cabret finally spoke. “I don’t know about you lot, but I’m going to check all the bakeries in town, and I plan to go about it like a thrill-seeking Knight of Cups badass. This isn’t a missing person search anymore. It’s a rescue mission.” She grinned. “Who wants some cake?”

And so, we advance into the night with cab fare, gas money, train tickets, first aid kits, and a hunger for both the truth and, in my case, a craving for anything with chocolate ganache.

Wish us luck, for the sake of our dear friend.