EIGHT OF WANDS you will die

Placement: The Minor Arcana



The seven magically animated staffs from Seven of Wands card, having now forced the man from that card off the edge of a cliff,* have recruited another staff and are flying through the air on the way to destroying their next target. If you see these eight staffs, it is already too late.


Right side up:

The world is either figuratively or literally collapsing onto your head all at once. Stop yelling. You’re scaring everyone and it doesn’t help. Nothing will help. They’re coming, fast, right now, through the sky and you were the one who invoked them. You can’t call them off now. OH GOD HERE THEY COME!

Wait… Where’d they go?



Upside down:

“Meh. It’ll pass.” **

The Eight of Wands card reversed is important to me at this moment, since it is the third card in the spread my friends and I read in our search for Michel Nolastname, our missing mentor. On the surface, the card may indicate a crisis averted. The third card in a Celtic Cross spread, however, relates to the goal of our question. Certainly, our goal is to prevent doom from befalling Mr. Nolastname. This does not, however, mean we will succeed.


*See Seven of Wands. Eventually. I have yet to write that post.

**The famous last words of many, I am sure.


Classic Eight of Wands deaths:

  • Poisoned baguettes
  • Ninja
  • A shower of oboes
  • Booby-traps
  • A silent but deadly emanation