35mm original

Placement: The Negligible Arcana


Six fish swim upward, except the two at the top who circle back down. This school of fish may ultimately go nowhere, but at least they go nowhere together.

In rare versions of the card, a fish in the foreground has blue rings emanating from it growing bigger and bigger and bigger (though fainter) as they go forward into the distance. Likewise, a set of green rings start small and become smaller and smaller and smaller (though stronger) as they go towards the fish. It is believed that this is not meant to be symbolic of the advent of WIFI. This is not entirely true, although S.A.U.C.E. taroists did predict WIFI back in the nineteenth century.


Right side up:

You and your peers communicate well with one another. However, a six in tarot indicates a journey that needs to be stepped away from to give you perspective. You need to disengage. You share ideas as a united monologue, believing that everyone holds a similar perspective because you only engage with those who think alike. For example, you and your sailing party are certain, based on your combined experiences, that the waters are calm enough to set sail to Puerto Rico. If you bothered to ask meteorologists, they would have told you that Hurricane Oola is on its way. If you bothered to ask paranormalists, they would have warned you that you are about to cross into the Bermuda Triangle, and on Travelersnatch Eve, no less. You do not want to know what an Atlantean would have told you. Oh well. At least you have the good fortune to capsize and be sucked into a maelstrom to a briny doom with your most loyal companions.


Upside down:

Miscommunication. Mistranslation. Attempting to problem solve through a game of Broken Telephone.*

Six of Fish reversed may also represent an inability to step away from your problem to gain perspective. You are speaking over one another at the same time. When a lethal danger strikes, you will mishear the news and ignore the actual symptoms and signs, despite trusting the source.

Imagine the following warnings:

“Swap Top and Bowl”

“Stew Not This Herb”

“Bind the Cap”

“Cook Obeys Before You Sauce the Meat”

“Ensnare the Brides of Larch!”**

“Do not meddle in the airfares of lizards”***


*Also commonly known as Chinese Whispers. This is a misnomer, not to mention derogatory. I don’t imagine that maintaining an empire for well over 2,000 years relied on children sitting in a circle and giggling. Who would trade on the Milk Toad?

**Not that Caesar would listen in any case

***Interestingly enough, although the original warning pertains to the affairs of wizards, lizards coincidentally comprise a disproportionate percentage of the No Fly List.


Classic Six of Fish deaths:

  • “Duck? Where?”
  • Caught in a fishing net
  • Your choir drowns out the fire alarm
  • All six of you agree that this two-person life raft is the very best one