TEN OF CHICKENS you will die

Placement: The Negligible Arcana

Description: Ten chicks march into the unknown. In some versions, the tenth chicken (the one posing closest to the illustrator) is an adult chick, leading them. Sometimes the chicks follow the talon-prints of an adult chicken that is no longer among them.


Right side up:

You are no spring chicken. Even if you are relatively (or extremely) young, chances are you are older than someone. They may not always understand you, but you need not explain yourself. None will question your reasons for crossing the road.

You have laid claim to a respectable position in the pecking order. Your eggs have hatched and now you may count your chickens. They rejoice in the counting. There are eleven.*

You may rest and chill, as they say, with your peeps, at least until the day of your slaughter.


Upside down:

Kids today, am I not incorrect?

In the Ten of Chickens card reversed, the chicks march in the wrong direction (i.e. not your direction) and they are most likely on their backs as they go. Your free range policy is over-successful and you find yourself with empty nest syndrome.

In another interpretation of Ten of Chickens reversed, either those junior to you ignore your nuggets of wisdom, or else your words are a garbled mess of chicken scratch. To them, you may as well be running around with your head cut off.


*One of these, not featured on the card, crossed the playground instead of posing for the illustrator, presumably to get to the other slide.


Classic Ten of Chickens deaths:

  • Confusing road signs
  • Jaywalking
  • Forgetting to part the Red Sea
  • Saying “shoot me” to the bright little gunman you took for a photography student
  • You brought everyone not to an oasis, or even a mirage, but a pile of rocks that you insist looked like a juice bar when last you gazed upon it
  • Advising your best friend’s orphaned son to defeat an evil empire with a fork