PAGE OF SWORDS you will die

Placement: The Minor Arcana


A young person swings a sword around on a windy hill. The background is sunny with a chance of gold leaf, depending on the whims and budget of the artist. The Page of Swords is often a girl, though sometimes a boy or androgynous or neither or all of the above.

Right side up:

The Page of Swords is the fizz in a shaken bottle of lime pop: sweet, full of energy, and likely to take out a person’s eye. The soldier who lies about his or her or zir age to go to war, and is fearless because they don’t know any better. The street urchin of the revolution. The unpleasant question that only the truly innocent would dare to ask. The breaking news. The invitation to an event beyond your station, which you should also fear if you knew better.

Upside down:

The Page of Swords is the fizz in a puddle of lime pop on the ground: undrinkable, its energy wasted and likely to seep into a person’s sock. The young activist who sits at home sharing links to outraged political commentary and does nothing more. The enthusiastic but deluded writer of “Things To Do Before I Die” lists, but who will realistically only cross off “Die”.

Classic Page of Swords deaths:

  • Running with scissors
  • A dagger from below
  • A wasp
  • A mosquito
  • A rabid pug
  • A teething vampire
  • A poisoned toothpick
  • Pushing a cannon too heavy for your size, alone, up a muddy hill
  • Pointing said cannon in the wrong direction
  • Daredevil cannon stunts, without instruction
  • Cannonball diving into a puddle of lime pop
  • The Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle
  • Inclusion in Arya Stark’s bedtime mantra