PAGE OF COINS you will die

Placement: The Minor Arcana


A young person stands in a flowery meadow in front of a golden or white sky. She or he or they or ze wears bright colours and holds up a coin the size of her/his/their/zir head, and shows it off. As with all the Coins cards, the coins are sometimes Pentacles, Disks, Diamonds (in modern western playing cards) Tiles, Bells, Frisbees or Kitschy Collectible Plates.


Right side up:

The Fool* is impressed with the Page of Coins. Of all his friends, this one is seemingly the most sensible of the Pages. She/he/they/ze appears wise beyond her/his/their/zir years. The Page of Coins is beginning to learn to take care of her/him/them/zirself, and is learning to make practical plans. The Page of Coins does the washing before running out of underclothes, arrives on time, makes the bed even when not expecting company, remembers birthdays, remembers coupons, remembers to return library books and eats fresh, barely pronounceable vegetables that she/he/they/ze grew on the balcony of a “starter” luxury condominium. Embarrassingly to everyone, The Page of Coins is the example parents use to pressure their own children to improve themselves.

This card may represent you the querant, or someone else in your life whose actions will affect you. Perhaps it is the humble squirrel who buries nuts and acorns for the winter, the ant who stores crumbs in its anthill, or the toy collector who procures entire lines of batman action figures, mint in box, to repel costumed villains.

Otherwise, this card indicates a new awareness relating to one’s place in the material world. Be aware that you are in the material world, unless you are an artificial intelligence who exists in the digital cloud, in which case welcome to, oh Scion of the Singularity.

Beware of children selling door-to-door cookies, tambourines, old-timey records, poker chips, potato chips, tiddlywinks, pogs, magic rings, cream pies, hula hoops, and debris from flying saucer collisions. Underestimate them at your peril.


Upside down:

The Page of Coins reversed is unpredictable, irresponsible, and easily mistakes get-rich-quick schemes for common sense. She/he/they/ze is both penny and pound foolish, favouring wooden nickels, and is prepared neither for a rainy day nor the zombie apocalypse. This is the Jack that traded a cow for three magic beans. The Page of Coins reversed is the prodigal child in a candy shop with a borrowed credit card and a bottomless sweet tooth. The favourite non-candy snacks of the Page of Coins reversed are fritters. Her/his/their/zir motto is “Woooooo!”


*The Fool: a Major Arcana card described here. Alarmingly, all of the members of S.A.U.C.E. investigating the murder of our wise elder Michel Nolastname are currently missing The Fool card from our decks! If you have a mysterious extra The Fool in your own deck, please let me know in the comments section.


Classic Page of Coins deaths:

  • Precociousness in the midst of bullies
  • Attacked by squirrels
  • Attacked by ants
  • Overprepared for exactly the wrong kind of disaster
  • Crushed under an avalanche of batman action figures, mint in box

If reversed:

  • Falling off a magic beanstalk
  • Revenge of the goose that laid golden egg
  • Trapped in a rap video
  • Choking on fatted calf


Added June 24, 2016


PAGE OF COINS reversed