PAGE OF LIZARDS you will die

Placement: The Negligible Arcana


There are two distinct versions of the Page of Lizards. The first is featured above: a small lizard bites the finger of a young person. The second depicts a shoe of glass, (in French decks) gold (in German decks) or blue suede (in Elvish decks) with a tiny lizard tail poking out from inside.


Right side up:

Most people believe that Cinderella is merely the tale of a young woman changing her circumstances by leaving an abusive family and hobnobbing with people of means. Those who possess a deeper knowledge of the true inner workings of our civilisation understand that it is, in fact, an allegory that adult reptilians tell their offspring about how dangerous it is to lose track of time when disguised as a human being.

The Page of Lizards card tells you that your identity is fluid like a child’s, and to a certain extent vulnerable to external influences. A more experienced person may wish to mould you in their image, or in the image of who they wish themselves to be. Do not let them. You are your own person, as changeable as you want to be. Dance like you have friends. Fear midnight.


Upside down:

The tabula rasa, the blank slate. There is no real you, and not by choice. You lack the experience to make deliberate choices that reflect your wishes for yourself. Your personas die whenever trouble catches up to you, frequently, randomly and in no time at all.

On a more positive note, congratulations in advance for surviving your own deaths! If you survive your own deaths. Of course, a physically dead person is unlikely to read this blog. Not that ghosts are unwelcome, but unfinished business implies being too busy for even this absolutely vital information about tarot cards.


Classic Page of Lizards deaths:

  • Botched transformation spell
  • Erased from a chalkboard
  • Overdosing on Alice’s “Drink Me” potion
  • Werewolf initiation gone catastrophically wrong
  • Falling down a flight of stairs with tractionless and brittle footwear
  • Multilane highway pumpkin collision