Gentle readers,

It has been four days since the gargantuan tan monoliths from the sky crashed through the roof of Anais Herschel’s parents’ farmhouse, stole her away and vanished. Danny Delaire, ordinarily shy and reserved, has taken it upon herself to save her by leading us all in uncovering and tracking down the one known as Lace. Lace, we have come to believe, is the one responsible for Ms. Herschel’s kidnapping and for the murder of Michel Nolastname! The villain sent Mr. Nolastname a threatening letter, a letter from which (as you will likely have read in the previous post) she was reading out loud when her family home was violated and she was snatched before our very eyes.

The police do not believe the description of the culprit’s weapon, that being the above mentioned floating monoliths. We are on our own.

It is said that the first few hours are the most crucial when one attempts to rescue a kidnapped individual, as the likelihood of their survival diminishes dramatically from then on. We are frantic. Each of us fears that we shall find her flattened like a French crepe, which is the way we found Mr. Nolastname.

I will share more on this matter as soon as we have something new to tell, and not a moment before. I regret that I may not be in a position to publish the usual three blog posts this week. It is for Anais Herschel’s sake, and not at all because the nice lady who uploads my scribblings has her computer in the shop for repairs.

Many heartfelt thanks for the support you have shown our little tarot community in this tragic and frankly confounding time.

I remain, gentle readers, your most humble and obedient servant,

[Name Withheld]