In Anais Herschel’s note, scribbled upon the envelope of the threatening letter she was reading out loud immediately before her kidnapping, she wrote “Hidden cards?” A common synonym of hidden is the word obscure. We will therefore be examining the Obscure Arcana for the next while.

Danny Delaire read a spread of cards using only the Obscure Arcana, and the first of these was the card titled Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary reversed, to be specific.


BLOODY MARY you will die


Placement: The Obscure Arcana

Description: In a darkened room a young girl or woman in a red dress stares, with great fear, into a mirror. What she sees in the glass is a female demon with a disturbingly wide mouth and fingernails as long as her hands. Of course, we who examine the cards will not see the demon but only the woman or girl’s reflection. Only she may see the demon, and we are not her, unless we are, in which case we have our sincere condolences, dread and more than a little confusion.


Right side up:

Let sleeping demons lie. If you are exceptionally lucky, she may merely cause your mirror to crack, the shards piercing your skin, followed by seven years of boils, extra cowlicks, and the inability to use tweezers without pinching yourself.

If you find yourself less than lucky, she may tear you to shreds and let you lie bleeding in your own powder room. If you are afflicted by the most frightful flavour of misfortune, she may pull you with her through your mirror, carry you down to the drinking establishment where she holds court, and there mix six parts of your freshly squeezed sanguine juices with three parts vodka, one part lemon, three dashes Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper to taste, then garnished with an eternally cursed celery stick.


Upside down:

You are unable to exert your power. Only the verbal acknowledgement of others will allow you to do what you believe to be necessary. The outrage of the helpless wronged. The glass ceiling. The genetically altered lab mouse plotting world domination.

In another interpretation of Bloody Mary reversed, the malevolent entity you summoned from the mirror will be so grateful to you for releasing her from her glass prison, that she grants you three wishes. However, you will soon find out why she was banished to the mirror world in the first place, as her inexhaustible sense of irony in wish-granting will leave you destitute, lonely, and certain of an untimely demise. Wise wishes require reflection.

In yet another theory, Bloody Mary reversed indicates the coming of a red stain from a toppled-over glass.


Classic Bloody Mary deaths:

  • Slumber party slaughter
  • Truth or Deadly Dare
  • Extreme hairspray inhalation
  • Slipping on soap
  • A tomato, poisoned by an evil queen who somehow blames you for what she sees in her mirror
  • The fate of Elizabeth I’s Scottish cousin
  • Beetlejuice