THREE OF CUPS you will die

Placement: The Minor Arcana

Description: Three women raise their cups together while dancing. They each wear wreaths on their heads. Fruit lies on the ground. In some illustrations, they have bare feet. In cards from most historical decks (such as the card featured above) the women are invisible, which is a quirk common to a surprising percentage of things published in history.


Right side up:

The Cups suit relates primarily to emotion and interpersonal relationships. Three of Cups is more likely to represent a group of friends than an all-woman polyamorous triad (as there are at least a few million more platonic friend groups than all-woman polyamorous triads worldwide) though as a concept it cannot be entirely ruled out. In any case, the essential theme of the Three of Cups is a close bond with others. Loyalties may be tested, but you will (for now) prevail.

If this card appears in your spread, you may be invited to, or come into contact with, a so-called Girls Night ritual. This may take the form of an evening on the sofa, watching classics such as Brave, Beaches, or But I’m a Cheerleeder. The event could just as easily be a night out, engaging in such activities as book signings, bachelorettes, or burying a body in the backyard before the cops arrive. Heavens help you if you find yourself undertaking (pun not intended) all three, and especially if the body is yours.


Upside down:

Toxicity in friendships. Relationships poisoned by selfishness and jealousy. Time with them causes you more stress than time avoiding them. Is it you? You will find yourself second-guessing your words and behaviours, and then theirs, followed by asking advice from a different friend. Did she hear anything about what happened? If so, what? You will stay up all night wondering if you should tell the first friend off or apologize. Perhaps it was the wine, or your decision to put all the fruit on the ground for decorative purposes instead of on the table like a civilized human being.

Alternatively, you may wake hung over, not entirely sure how a simple game of Jenga: Truth or Dare Edition resulted in you hiding in the cargo hold of an aircraft bound for Venezuela. Your friends will come to the rescue, won’t they? Does the airline pressurize this cargo hold? What about heating, or oxygen? Hello? Anybody? HELP!


Classic Three of Cups deaths:

  • The Moirai, three sisters of fate, know that it is your time.
  • The Scottish Witches, three sisters of prophesy, say that it is your time.
  • The Powerpuffs, three sisters of badassery, see that it is bedtime and hope you’ll last until morning.
  • Reenacting “Heathers”
  • Taking one for the team
  • Doomsday Crafternoon
  • Fighting the Patriarchy