Gentle Readers,

As you may well guess from the events of the past few weeks, the Secret Assembly Unearthing Cartomantic Eventualities (S.A.U.C.E.) is facing legal calamities, the loss of our cherished headquarters, and financial flat brokenness. We now roam from town to town, searching for fortune-telling work (and any other extra employment) to raise money.

I will not ask you to assist, Gentle Readers, for this would require revealing our identities and current whereabouts to strangers. We would first need to remove the word “Secret” from our name. The owners of A.U.C.E., a blandly popular “all you can eat” chain of restaurants, would have our heads if we dared to use their precious, precious acronym.

All I require from you, Gentle Readers, is patience. I will write only one new blog entry per week, to be uploaded on Fridays. There may be other types of posts, such as new images, updates to previous entries and perhaps audio if I can locate a free, functional and not-at-all haunted microphone.

I remain, etc.