TWO OF WANDS you will die

Placement: The Minor Arcana


A well-dressed noble in a red cape stands on a stone wall and looks out upon his land and across the sea. He holds up a wooden pole on top of a stone block with one hand, and holds a globe the size of a bowling ball in his other hand. Another pole stands on its own behind him, not looking at all jealous that the first pole is taller in some versions of this card, and definitely getting much more attention from the well-dressed noble.

In many versions, red and white roses have been painted onto the stone block. In other versions, there are no roses, (red, white or otherwise) no block (stone or otherwise) and no nobleman holding his staff.


Right side up:

The “Two” cards of any suit in the Minor Arcana refer to balancing dualities. Polarity within unity; a joining of opposites. A successful Wunza.*

The globe in his hand represents power, and the universality of bowling. The Wands suit represents the fire of imagination. Note that the nobleman holds the globe close to his body. He may be imagining the trees of his global conquests bearing fruit, or he may be performing a visualization ritual to help him succeed at knocking down white wooden pins.


Upside down:

You have great plans, but ultimately they will fall and crush you on the foot.

Your ship will never come in, no matter how often you stare at the water.

Lopsided attentions. You involve yourself with one aspect of your ambitions while ignoring another, which, left to balance itself, will topple down like a drunken stilt-walker.



*Wunza: the name of a mythical hybrid of two seemingly opposed creatures. For example, “wunza new recruit who plays by the books, wunza world-weary veteran half-alien robot who kicks it old school.” It is said that the Wunza fights crime.


Classic Two of Wands deaths:

  • Accidentally setting a fire by rubbing two sticks together
  • Falling off a wall, to be repaired by neither horse nor man
  • Playing with matches
  • Choking on a pair of binoculars
  • Eaten by a polar bear
  • Your head mistaken for a drum
  • Picked apart with chopsticks