The following is forceful feedback concerning my post on the King of Octopus card of the Negligible Arcana:

“Dear Terrible Tarot,

You claim to understand and teach the symbolism of tarot but you’re missing the most important message: the arrival of the Great Old Ones. The King of Octopus is supposed to represent our lord and cleansing destroyer Cthulhu waiting for his priests’ unholy subterranean alarm clock. Don’t you get it? That’s why no one publishes the Negligible Arcana anymore. The feebleminded masses don’t want to know about gods that come from the stars for a quick billion-year nap with the Nations of Humanity for breakfast. You almost got it right with the Lizards suit representing the Reptilian civilization disguised as world leaders. But don’t fool yourself about Octopus.

Stop spreading your ignorance. Stop posting right now. Apologize to our great and madness-inspiring dreamer in R’lyeh. Delete your WordPress account. Curl up and die, preferably under the mountainous bedroom slippers of our Lord, which will be very very very very soon, you stupid phony.

Hugs and Cthulhu fhtagn,

Anonymous Choir Boy, soloist – Church of Starry Wisdom”