The following is another* salty response to my post regarding the King of Octopus card of the Negligible Arcana:

“Ahoy Terrible Tarot,

I rather ye na post about th’ King of Octopus with nary a tribute to our beloved sauce-laden god, th’ Flyin’ Spaghetti Monster, who boiled fer yer sins ‘n fills yer belly when ye be famish’d. Thar be no King o’ th’ Octopus. They be a republic ‘n find th’ concept o’ crowns as unsavoury as a bikini brief made o’ barnacles.

May ye be touched by his noodly appendage ‘n may he forgive ye fer yer o’ersight. I recommend that ye nah post on an empty stomach in future.


Sister Marinara Linguine

P.S. Also, th’ Ace O’ Fish be in truth an anchovy.

P.S.2. Yer site be heartily laughsome. Keep sailin’”


*We also received a complaint from a Cthulhu Cultist, here.