Placement: The Minor Arcana

Description: On a bright sunny day, a knight on horseback pauses for a moment to consider the gold disk in his hand. He sits. There is little else to it. This card is, as with most belonging to the suit of Coins, as boring as sitting on hold for a tow truck on a Saskatchewan highway at four in the morning.


Right side up:

Knights are people of action. They defend and retrieve and attack when necessary, whenever someone of higher rank tells them to do so. The Knight of Coins waits for orders, and waits some more, then continues to wait, followed by a great deal of waiting, culminating in a good long wait.

You have proven yourself responsible and the authority figures in your life trust you (whether or not they should) but you may expect an upcoming lull. If you fail to practice your skills or at the very least pretend to be busy, your reflexes and determination will dwindle. Stay vigilant. Stay true to your routines. Sit. Stay. Good knight.

If you seek new employment, avoid signing a contract with any manager by the names of Gandalf or Godot.


Upside down:

Your Get-Up-And-Go has gone off and went. Whistle for it. Shake a bag of Get-Up treats.* Telephone your local Get-Up shelter to ask if they have found it. Staple fliers around your neighbourhood: “Have you seen this Get-Up? It answers to the montage tracks of sports films.”

Climb down from your saddle and do something productive. That gold you have in your hand, for instance, will not help you buy food or pay rent unless you take it to a grocer. Keep in mind that your local grocer may not have enough change for that much gold, and also that a dinner-plate sized coin may not fit their cash register. Perhaps stop at a bank first.


*The legal kind, of course. Ask your doctor, barista or nearby pep squad.


Classic Knight of Coins deaths:

  • Adrenaline deficiency
  • An irritated war horse
  • Rusted armour
  • Overgrown with carnivorous moss