The sky is a clear and sunny blue. An angry man stands at the edge of a cliff and uses a staff to fight off six more staffs. Are those other staffs acting on their own accord, or are invisible people holding them? In either case, why have six of them banded together to fight one man to the edge of a cliff? Is he holding the seventh staff captive? The man appears confident, despite his improbable odds. Does he know something we do not? Is he touched in the head?

In the end, the homicidal batons (or the invisible people holding them) will be victorious and seek another victim so that they may continue their whacking spree.

Right side up:

You will need to take a creative approach to defending yourself from invisible forces or enchanted objects. It is time to reassess your tactics. Fire works against wooden murder sticks as it does for other evil things such as vampires, scarecrows, and antique Teddy Ruxpins. Be careful that you do not overuse fire, even in self-defense. Take it seriously; do not go arson around.

It is worth noting that the seven cards in Tarot are the middle cards of any suit. If this were an inspirational sports story, the seven card would represent the moment in which the scrappy team of underdogs has its first real match against the stuck-up reigning champions. If the outcome of this clash is negative, our heroes will inevitably prevail when they meet again at the field/court/rink/slope/pool/competitive-acapella-stage later. If the outcome in the middle of the story is positive, our team of lovable misfits will be crushed. To avoid ultimate defeat, wise Tarot readers will insist that you do something monumentally stupid upon pulling a seven.

Upside down:

Reversed, the Seven of Wands indicates a moment of indecision regarding a legitimate threat in your life. It may also represent paranoia. Which is it? Paranoia or legitimate threat? If you do nothing, will it go away?

For example, you encounter a bear. Is it the kind of bear that fears pepper spray and leave you be if you curl up into a ball? Is it the type that prefers ball-shaped food seasoned with pepper? Is this bear a toy? Is it possessed by a ghost, demon or (heavens forbid) Teddy Ruxpin tape!?! You may never know until it is too late.

Classic Seven of Wands deaths:

  • Attack of the magic flutes
  • Poisoned pixi stix
  • Eaten by animatronic bears
  • Chased by the ghosts of baseball players. If you build it, they will come to get you.