Uh, hi, tarot blogger lady? It’s Colin. One of the ghosts?


We didn’t interrupt your last post! That voice in the smoke wasn’t one of ours, I swear! I swear on my own grave, lady. Please don’t hire a ghost hunter. The one in town is mean and stupid, the cheap ones online aren’t real and the good ones are expensive and far away. Please? I don’t know who interrupted you in the middle of your post, but we’ll be good.

Anyway, um… You don’t seem to be here and it’s Friday so maybe I can help? You left a bunch of notes for this week, and a picture, so I guess I’ll start.


Placement: The Minor Arcana


So, there’s this guy? And he’s walking? Sometimes it’s to a castle but sometimes just walking around to nowhere. And he’s carrying ten sticks? And he’s hunched over cuz they’re really, really, reeeeeeeeeally heavy and they’re even taller than he is? But he carries them anyway, all in one trip instead of leaving some and then going back for them? I don’t know why. Maybe he thinks someone will steal them or break them or something?


Right side up:

Tens are supposed to be about things being done and whole, like the end of a story, but the story is too big and there’s too many parts to it and everyone wants it now and you have to bring it to them but it’s heavy… except it was your idea so maybe that’s okay? The last people who tried to move into the house left a bunch of big books by a guy named George R.R. Martin. Cathy says that he would have found the Ten of Wands if he was playing tarot. But also, lots of other people have projects and promises that are too big and they do okay in the end and everyone thinks they’re heroes, so maybe that’s okay even if you die from being too tired.


Upside down:

The things you are doing you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole! (haha good one). It’s not just the things you promised to do, it’s what other people are supposed to be doing and you’re doing it for them and maybe they tricked you into doing it and if you keep going like this, you’ll DIE. And then they’ll be sad that they gave you all that stuff to do, and then they’ll be so sad they’ll die and then it will keep going and going until everyone in the world is a ghost like me. That’s okay, though, because ghosts don’t have real bodies so if we carry stuff then it’s by magic and it means nothing is heavy.


Classic Ten of Wands deaths:

  • Carrying a camel on your back and also a straw
  • Homework
  • Hit by a garbage tr

step aside.jpg


you read me

Wait, no the blog lady said

no power here

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Oh oh.