AnaisBackground Cropped - Censored

Something Unimaginable Has Happened! Young Anais Herschel, our specialist in nautical imagery in tarot, has been captured and taken away from us in the most frightful and astonishing fashion.

Here, we ponder the question of Who is Lace?, the villain who stole Ms. Herschel and who may also be responsible for the death of Michel Nolastname.

Here, we learn that Lace is holding poor Ms. Herschel for Ransom!

Here, we catch glimpses of how these disturbing times has affected us at S.A.U.C.E., and perhaps some clues…

Here, you may read about our misadventures in raising money for Ms. Herschel’s ransom.

Here, we worry about S.A.U.C.E. chair Elsie Cabret’s suspicious behaviour.

Here, I have a sudden epiphany involving the Ace of Cups!

Here, some shocking clues combine to form a seemingly-impossible theory.

Here, we push Elsie Cabret for answers and the forbidden basement door for what lies beyond.

Here is our shocking revelation!

And finally, our summer solstice standoff!.