Michel Nolastname, perhaps the most well respected member of the Secret Assembly Unearthing Cartomantic Eventualities (S.A.U.C.E.) for the better part of a century, has been killed by persons unknown

I post updates on the progress of our sleuthing.

Here, Mr. Nolastname is gone but I have not yet the heart to discuss the matter: Something terrible has happened.

Here, I disclose the beginnings of our investigation: Where is Michel Nolastname?

Here, we receive a potential (and rather distasteful) clue: King of Coins

Here, The Search for Michel Nolastname Continues

Here, we acquire more clues and I find a new lead: Six of Chickens

Here, we (or rather, I) find our friend. Grieving ensues. Curses are sworn. Cards behave inappropriately. Never again shall I enjoy a crepe: Who Killed Michel Nolastname?

Here, we learn that Mr. Nolastname is not from where we believed he was from, and I embark on a train trip: 15. The Devil

Here, we summarize the clues implied by the recent cards, fact-finding excursions, two frighteningly new cards that should not exist, and the absence of one classic Major Arcana card from all of our decks. The Mystery Deepens

Here, we explore the Pages of the Minor and Negligible Arcana, which all appeared in a tarot spread that we read in an effort to reveal more clues: Pages

Here, Something Unimaginable Happened! when Anais Herschel attempted to disclose the truth about who killed Michel Nolastname, and why.

Finally we discover the truth in our summer solstice standoff!