The fifth card of each suit in the Minor Arcana and the Negligible Arcana.

Five of Cups

You cannot chop despair into a nice fruit salad.

Five of Octopus

“Two may slip from view. Three may break free. Four may take the floor. Five, you may not live.”

Five of Coins

Dickensian without the occasional lucky coincidence. It’s the hole in your purse that empties into the parallel universe populated entirely by dryer socks. It’s the word DOOM spelled out in wooden nickels.

Five of Lizards

Your jig, as they say, is up. Your cover is blown, your fraud unfurled, your deceit detected, your game called off due to the rain of a thousand prying eyes.

Five of Chickens

You will be reborn from the ashes only to experience a second death when the ash coats your lungs. Placement: The Negligible …

Five of Wands

  Placement: The Minor Arcana Description: Five youths, each bearing a staff twice their individual heights, battle one another awkwardly, …