Three of Coins

Two is a coincidence, three is a pattern… three wishes… celebrity deaths come in threes or two-thousand-sixteens…


Three of Lizards

Chamaeleonids are especially tickled pink by the opportunity.

Three of Wands

“THIS is my stick,” she/he/they/ze says. “Mine. It is the very best stick.”

Three of Swords

Placement: The Minor Arcana Description: Three swords pierce a disembodied heart against a grey background, often in a rainstorm. This is …

Three of Cups

Placement: The Minor Arcana Description: Three women raise their cups together while dancing. They each wear wreaths on their heads. …

Three of Fish

You will die surrounded by family and lemon sauce.   Placement: The Negligible Arcana   Description: Three red fish swim past …