Three of Lizards

Chamaeleonids are especially tickled pink by the opportunity.

Four of Lizards

Hibernation. Ensure that you visit the lavatory before you sleep, lest you need to (god forbid) leave your bed in the middle of February.

Six of Lizards

Ask your friends and family to say this phrase out loud, repeatedly, as fast as they can. If they cannot, then they are Lizard People sent to overthrow the Earth’s governments and form a New World Order. Try this test for everyone you meet.

Page of Lizards

Cinderella. Dance like you have friends and beware the killing stroke of midnight. Bite back.

Five of Lizards

Your jig, as they say, is up. Your cover is blown, your fraud unfurled, your deceit detected, your game called off due to the rain of a thousand prying eyes.