Julen Ibarra

Damsel of Wands

Your autobiography will read like an off-brand book of Mad Libs.

9. The Hermit

also called The Monk, The Sage, The Capuchin, Sad Santa, The Struggling Writer, and Time.

One Hundred Posts

It has come to my attention that today marks the one-hundredth Terrible Tarot post. I, and the nice young woman who uploads my humble scribblings, would like to thank our readers, all four of you.

16. The Tower (second attempt)

Avoid the temptation of negative thought. Avoid the naivete of positive thought. Avoid thought. Avoid perception. Avoid the word “doom”. Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to have a nightmare. Sleep well.

King of Conspiracy?

“the Octopus is a secret symbol for the head of a conspiracy linking the Masons, the Mafia, the Illuminati, the CIA, the Templars, the Joneses…

summer solstice standoff!

The Summer Solstice was yesterday at 10:34 in the evening, and it was an event I shall never forget if I live to be a thousand.

Three of Swords

Placement: The Minor Arcana Description: Three swords pierce a disembodied heart against a grey background, often in a rainstorm. This is …

a shocking revelation!

Part of me, the part that seeks quantifiable connections between all things, had imagined that whatever was behind the forbidden …

Ace of Fish

  Placement: The Negligible Arcana Description: The Giant Hand carries a rather perturbed looking fish, tail-side up. In some versions there …

Who Killed Michel Nolastname?

Alas, a living legend of the tarot community lives no longer. Rest in peace, dear Michel Nolastname. Two nights ago, …

Where is Michel Nolastname?

For the past several days, we at S.A.U.C.E. have put our individual projects on hold to investigate the disappearance of …

Seven of Coins

You will die miserable despite whatever wealth you might have accumulated.     Placement: The Minor Arcana   Description: A …