Things That Make No Sense!

Absolute 0 – The Void

Hello? Am I online? Can anyone read this message? I do not know where we are

Ten of Wands

Uh, hi, tarot blogger lady? It’s Colin. One of the ghosts? We didn’t interrupt your last post! That voice in …

14. Temperance

The rocks are slippery. Recovery is slippery. Angels hate getting their down feathers wet.

January 20, 2017

If you’re reading this from the future (yay, that means the internet still works!)…

summer solstice standoff!

The Summer Solstice was yesterday at 10:34 in the evening, and it was an event I shall never forget if I live to be a thousand.

a shocking revelation!

Part of me, the part that seeks quantifiable connections between all things, had imagined that whatever was behind the forbidden …

The Mystery Deepens

I still have two cards that should not exist in my tarot deck, the vague Bits Of String and the …

Who Killed Michel Nolastname?

Alas, a living legend of the tarot community lives no longer. Rest in peace, dear Michel Nolastname. Two nights ago, …